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Unlimited Plans SMS Costs Templates Training

Unlimited Mailing Plans
Using an Unlimited plan, you can send an unlimited number of email campaigns to the subscribers on your list.

MailManager’s billing cycle for Unlimited Plans is monthly per office with all clients billed on the first day of each calendar month in Advance. The first months subscription will be prorated to the first day of the following month should a client open an account mid cycle.

Simply select the package that suits the size of your Subscriber List.
All prices are in Australian dollars and exclude GST.

Unlimited Mailing Plans
All new accounts attract a $95 setup fee.

Level Subscriber Limit Monthly Fee
Economy 5 500 $63.00
Economy 10 1,000 $90.00
Economy 15 1,500 $118.00
Advantage 20 2,000 $136.00
Advantage 35 3,500 $169.00
Premier 5 5,000 $195.00
Premier 7.5 7,500 $254.00
Premier 10 10,000 $312.00
Premier 15 15,000 $420.00
Premier 20 20,000 $460.00
Premier 25 25,000 $490.00
Premier 30 30,000 $500.00
Premier 35 35,000 $550.00
Premier 40 40,000 $600.00
Premier 45 45,000 $650.00
Premier 50 50,000 $700.00
Premier 60 60,000 $750.00
Premier 70 70,000 $800.00
Premier 80 80,000 $850.00
Premier 90 90,000 $900.00
Platinum 100,000 $950.00
Please contact us for pricing above 100,000 subscribers.

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Casual Mailing Plans
All new accounts attract a $95 setup fee.

Casual plans are composed of two parts: a monthly access fee, and a fee per email sent.

The access fee is automatically calculated based on the peak size of your database each month.

Monthly Access Fee

Subscriber Limit Monthly Access Fee
2,000 $30.00
5,000 $50.00
7,500 $75.00
15,000 $90.00
20,000 $0.00
20,000 $90.00
45,000 $150.00
20,000 $0.00
60,000 $150.00
90,000 $180.00
Please contact us for pricing above 100,000 subscribers.

Email Delivery Costs

Emails Sent Cost Per Email
1 - 1,499 $0.03
1,500 - 4,999 $0.02
5,000 - 19,999 $0.01
20,000 - 19,999 $0.00
20,000 - 19,999 $0.01
20,000 - 49,999 $0.00
50,000 - 99,999 $0.007

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Both Unlimited and Casual Plans include SMS capabilities

Bulk SMS Delivery Costs

SMS Messages Sent Cost Per SMS
1 - 1,500 $0.19
1,501 - 3,000 $0.18
3,001+ $0.17

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All modules and features are included with all levels.


We offer Template Design, Creation and Integration. Our prices are as follows:

All work is performed by qualified professionals. Quotes available on application.
Converting your HTML document in to a System Template
Converting an Image File (such as PNG, PSD, JPG, GIF, PDF etc) in to a System Template
$389.00 - $599.00
Template Design and Integration
From $389.00
Template Modification and alterations (Charged in 20 min blocks)
$30.00 per block


All phone training is performed in conjunction with an interactive online program that will allow our staff to guide you step by step through our system.

Casual and Unlimited Plans come with an introductory Phone/Online training session.

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All plans include access to:

Easy Campaign Creation
Create stunning interactive campaigns using pre-built templates or build your own.

Content Library
Select content from a library of information drawn from live domestic and international news feeds.

Unlimited Personalisation
Include any number of personalisation fields into a campaign.

Subscriber Management
Manage multiple lists and automate subscribe and unsubscribe functions.

Easily integrate with your existing Contact Management system.

Comprehensive Reporting
Valuable information about opens, clicks and bounces compiled for you.

360° Subscriber View
Monitor all subscriber activity with contact histories.

Spam Compliance
Use our automated checklists to stay spam compliant.

Bounce Management
Keep your lists clean automatically.

Online Surveys
Build and track feedback forms, competitions or RSVPs online.

Bulk SMS
Send personalised bulk SMS messages.

Built in Image Editor
No need for a graphics program, use our editor to resize, crop, rotate or recolour your images.

"Forward to a Friend"
All messages can include a trackable link to forward to a friend.

Include International Content
Unicode compliance means you can use international character sets.

Unlimited Logins to your Account
Give each of your staff members a password and control access to each function.

Free Support
Contact us by email or phone as often as you need to.